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2minuteSAT was created by the founders of 2minuteGMAT.

The founders realized when studying for their standardized exams, the SAT and GMAT, that the best way for them to study was to email each other every day reminding one another to take 10 practice questions. At the end of 3 months, their scores had risen dramatically.

From their experiences, 2minuteSAT was founded.

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“Ways to Tackle the SAT? Practice, practice, practice”. Try 2minuteSAT.com

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2minuteSAT experts are foremost believers that any person with the right work ethic and the right SAT practice test experience can achieve the highest score on their SAT test. 2minuteSAT experts emphasize to test takers that they should never put any limits on themselves when taking SAT questions.

Hard work, dedication, and consistent practice will allow test takers to determine their own university destiny and SAT scores. 2minuteSAT experts also believe that you do not need to pay thousands of dollars to achieve a top score when taking SAT questions.

The Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) is a standardized test in mathematics and English and is used for college admissions in the United States. The exam includes 54 Math SAT questions, 67 critical reading SAT questions, and 49 writing SAT questions. The SAT question score ranges from a 600-2400.

It was through practicing SAT questions every day with 2minuteSAT that I was able to improve my SAT score over 250 points.


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According to the College Board, the creator of the SAT, one of the best way to increase your score on the SAT is to take practice SAT questions. We cannot emphasize this enough. In the 2minuteSAT program, every day for 3 months you will be sent 10 unique SAT questions: 5 Math and 5 Verbal (Reading Comprehension and Writing).

Expert Advice

In order to succeed with SAT Questions, it is imperative that you approach the questions with the right strategy. In order to help you in the process, every email you receive will include expert advice on how to improve your score on the SAT test.

Interesting University Facts

We understand that it can be difficult at times to stay motivated in practicing SAT questions. To help you stay on track, every day you will receive an interesting fact about a top university.

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